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Originally Posted by lawman800 View Post
Or a Navy Seal attack?

As for most martial arts studios, they do their students a great disservice because they don't tell them how it is in a real street fight. If it is sold as a fitness or confidence tool, like aerobic kickboxing, fine, but you teach someone that he is too deadly because of his twin crane flying over the grand canyon technique, and therefore, can't spar and get some real contact experience, is setting them up for failure.

The first time you get popped in the nose, or the first time you do your magic technique and your opponent punches you back harder, you get to learn defeat first hand.
I was going to post that exact video

Its funny because most Martial Arts teaches people how to defend against these one shot haymakers slashes, or these very stiff upward or downward stabbing thrust, while most street thugs who pull a knife on you will stab you like they (punch) jab you...repeatedly.

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