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Originally Posted by rockapede View Post
Sure you can, depending on what you want. What features are you looking for?
Flip up front sight, M4 configuration, removable handle. Wouldn't mind a free floater, but that is what racks up the price, I think.

Originally Posted by DougW View Post
I just converted one of my rifles from 5.56 to 6.8 with a Palmetto barrel and DPMS bolt. Barrel changes are easy for me because I have the proper tools, so the total conversion took less than 30 minutes.

Pmags are great. I have 2 deployed right now using Pmags daily. But, there are a lot of good mags out there.

1 in 7 is what the .mil uses. Good up to 62gr, possibly (depending on your barrel) 68gr. All my 5.56 rifles are 1 in 9.
I want to shoot both calibers frequently, looks like getting a dedicated upper is the best solution, would you think?

Originally Posted by rockapede View Post
1 in 7 is fine for up to 80gr or greater, generally.
Would 1 in 9 not be good for lighter loads?
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