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Originally Posted by Arc Angel View Post
That's funny! Me? I've learned that far too many cops are socially introverted, modestly intelligent, largely close minded, and genuinely insensitive to their fellow citizens and the relevant social issues of the day. In police work you've only got to be smart enough to do exactly as you're told; and, may God help the subject population anytime a police officer discovers that he can use his privileged social position to suit his own personal prejudice or whims, and subvert the law for his own individual use; BUT, fortunately, that would never happen; now, would it.
Oh yeah, I also learned that cop haters love to exaggerate, twist things around, and otherwise act like 14 y.o. girls.

Present company excluded, of course.
Although many good citizens own and carry guns, keeping communities safe still fall on those who carry badges.

In a gun fight, even if you do everything right, you can still get killed.
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