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Once I get my holster (leaning to a White Hat MaxTuck IWB) I will probably carry without my son around to get that "everyone knows I have a gun on me and is looking at me" feeling over with. Then bring him in the picture and do as most have commented on,working with him to teach him not to touch it. Similar to a floor fan we havein the house I guess. He loved standing in front of it with his hands on it. With work,he now walks around it with his hands up. I really look forward to the day wecan shoot together. I have a Winchester .243 rifle my father gave me when I gotmy Eagle Scout. I'm holding on to it to pass it to my son when he's ready.

Also, since this will be my first time carrying I'll most likely carry C 3until after I get some classes under my belt and feel comfortable witheverything. The Gun Valut should be here today.

It's a strangle feeling, feeling the desire to start carrying as a middleaged adult. It isn't fear that has made me make these decision, rather thefeeling to be proactive should a situation occur and have the ability to defendmy family if needed. On the flip side I'm totally excited to take classes and reallylearn how to use my 23 the way it was intended.

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