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Originally Posted by KalashniKEV View Post
You mean get people to "believe" the facts?

Mittens must flip every undecided state on this map.

I'm not even sure he can get all of the ones that are Red...

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Wooaa, they have VA, NH and NC listed as undecided now

This is great news. Here is the deal, Obama will definately lose NH. He will also definately lose VA because of multiple factors including cuts in the military. Same with NC. Also since 2008 the recession has hit NV and CO hard. In Florida, Obama has lost a lot of the Jewish and Hispanic vote. Overall he is losing fans among the elderly and among young voters.

Here is the kicker. There are the states that are showing as blue that are in play.

Massachusetts - Romney is the Ex Governor of MA

PA - Big shakeup in the Philadelphia area with a Cerberus Captial Management saving thousands of oil refinery jobs in Phila and the suburb. That is why Ed Rendell, the ex-gov of PA and Democrat party big wig was telling Obama to STFU with his bad mouthing of venture capital companies like Bane. Also military spend cuts will affect Boeing Helicopter and Lochheed Martin which are based in the Philly suburbs. This is also the first presidential election with the new Voter ID law. Outside of the Philadelphia area, most rural people in PA vote republican while most people in the city of Philly will vote Democrat. You take the Philly suburbs, you take PA.

NJ - Chris Christie is slowly turning NJ voters to Republicans. The years of Democrat rule has really screwed up that state. I think its a real real long shot, but it could happen.

WI - Its like no one has noticed what has been going on in Wisconsin politics since 2010. You have the Scott Walker thing and Paul Ryan is a congressman from WI. WI is in play.

OH - Ohio is always in play, why in the heck are they showing it as Blue?

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