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Originally Posted by SCmasterblaster View Post
Carry Cond III, no round in the chamber. The child is not strong enough to rack the slide, but you are.
Originally Posted by ca survivor View Post
Teach your children not to touch was not theirs, especially guns, mine never did but it was a different times when I could slap the s&#T out of her if she did.

Pretty much this.

I have 4 kids (12,9,3,2). Both my wife and I carry everyday (we both use CBST holsters). My kids know that we carry and don't think anything about it. The two oldest go shooting regularly. The two youngest have 0 curiosity as they have always been exposed to them. They have been taught not to touch just the same way as they won't touch a hot stove. I'm sure that will change a bit as the get older and that is when they will learn to shoot.
I carry c 1 anytime the gun is on my person. At night the c 1 gun goes in the safe and our bed side guns are in c 3.
Start teaching now and you will reduce potential problems later.
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