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I took the MSF course.

I have to say - I thought it was going to be extremely stupid (and the first 20 minutes or so on the track is. "Touch the horn button. Now press the horn for 2 seconds BEEEEEEP. Okay people, now that you've used the horn, touch the high beam switch etc etc"

But the 2nd half of day 1 and all of day 2 were great. The quick braking, swerving, etc. Its not an INCREDIBLE course, but its great with the fundamentals.

Now would be a good time of year to take it. I took it in early July. It was only about 95 but the humidity was over jumped up to 100% when it rained but at least the temp dropped to 85. It felt great in jeans, a long sleeve shirt, gloves, full face helmet, boots, etc.

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