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Originally Posted by arushus View Post
This is exactly what I was thinking, just didnt feel like typing all that out on a blackberry playbook...

Sounds like there is an issue with the trigger bar not going far enough to the rear and far enough down to release the striker. Could be the trigger bar or the trigger housing like angel said.
Great minds think alike!

Yes, it's fairly obvious that something is impeding trigger bar travel. The question is, 'What'?

Originally Posted by johncalloway View Post
I just got home from work. I took the slide off hoping to see a set screw. Nope, nada. What would have happened to the trigger bar or housing?
John, without actually holding your Glock in my hands I'm unable to tell what's going on. You could have any of the following: (or, maybe, even something I'm unfamiliar with)

There could be something stuck behind either one of the drop safety, 'wings'. The trigger housing slots could be gouged. I'm wondering whether or not your FP safety is functioning properly, too. I'm even curious to know if your trigger bar is, somehow, torqued? Is there a burr on the, 'bird's head'?

Like I said, 'Internet gunsmithing can be tough!' About the only thing I do not doubt is that your trigger bar is hanging up on the, 'negative slope' of that 4.5# connector. It's NOT dropping enough to fully release the striker lug. So, you're going to have to tell me what mechanical idiosyncrasy is impeding the bar's continued rearward travel and subsequent fall?

ADDED: Answer me this! What is the number on your trigger bar's cruciform?
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