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Originally Posted by RJ's Guns View Post
I remember doing an examination of a neurologist, a number of years ago, concerning the vocational rehabilitation of an individual who lost his dominate side upper extremity. The substance of his testimony was that, in regards to fine motor skills, the non-dominate hand could NOT BE TRAINED to function, to the same degree as the dominate hand. If memory serves me correctly, the reason was due to something about how the brain/nervous system functions, which results in making one side, dominate over the other.

Perhaps you, or some other neurologist (I presume from your assertions, that you must be a neurologist or some equally qualified medical expert) could opine and clarify this subject.

I have spent the last 29 years being trained to shoot, shooting, competing and training others. I also know exactly what expert evidence in a legal case is worth in real world terms - not much.

Honsetly, have you never had any training at all? Shooting with either hand is a basic skill and shooting well with either hand is not that difficult.
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