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Originally Posted by dabigguns357 View Post
Once we get the safeties out of the way and find her a comfortable bike,i have the perfect road to get her some experience on.

Rural route 2 that spans from Huntington Wv all the way up to Mason,WV,about 2 hours by car.

Farms on the right and Ohio river on the left as far as the eye can see with suprisingly little traffic.What i would call perfect for beginners including me,and it's only 2 miles from my house.
It better be a lot different than the other roads around there. Last year I volunteered to help out a JROTC competition south of Huntington and I probably averaged 25 MPH in my truck on those roads. Made "the Dragon" look like an expressway.

You might try taking MSF basic, then getting a bike, then taking MSF ERC (like basic, but on your own motorcycle). That's what my wife did. The ERC only cost us $25 for a 1-day class, all on the track.
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