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Originally Posted by sappy13 View Post
having her take a msf course also has another HUGE plus. You dont have to teach her on your bike or the one you buy for her. That 250 bucks for the class pays for it self with just that simple fact. They expect people to drop those bike and possibly have a small wreck, so if it happens it happens. And no tension between the 2 of you if she is having a hard time doing something you try to teach her since the instructors will be doing all that.
Couple of things. First, definitely take a class. Especially because, at least here in IN, the ABATE course was only $75. Saved that much on two months of insurance payments, so just get it over with. Also, if you fail the ABATE course, you honestly shouldn't be allowed within 100 yds of a motorcycle. It was pretty much the absolute basics.

Second thing. Do not be afraid to spend money on gear once you've decided you want to get on the road. I bought an $80 Fulmer helmet for the ABATE course since you need one to take it and I wasn't sure I'd even like it, having never ridden a motorcycle before. Considering that I know we didn't break 30 and maybe didn't even break 20, I feel safe recommending an entry level helmet for that. But definitely go up a step or two before heading out on the road. The noise reduction and comfort are astounding. In the same vein, you can do the ABATE course with minimal gear. A light jacket, gloves, jeans, and boots are all you need; stuff you can probably scavenge from your existing wardrobe. NONE of that stuff is good enough for actual road use. Buy a good armored jacket, buy armored pants, buy better gloves and boots with proper support and protection.
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