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Originally Posted by Chuck66 View Post
Wow. This thread really surprised me. I've been shopping for my first AR for a couple of weeks now. I'm pretty sure I get the whole Colt/LMT/DD vs S&W/Stag/RRA thing. I know that I will most likely never feel a need to reach for a SHTF rifle, and if I do, I have a Yugo AK that I completely trust, so I'd pretty much settled on a Stag model 2 or 3. Seemed hard to beat for the money.

But then I just had to go shopping. What I found most interesting was the WW SRC at Wal-mart for only $50 more than the Stag Mod. 2. Since then, for the last week, I've been looking for validation of the WW, but every time I go looking here or at Arfcom et al, I find they still don't seem to be a trusted source. Then I saw this thread, and thought "traditional AR vs. the M&P Sport" surely this is where the WW will be the hands-down winner. Nope. Even the M&P Sport is still more trusted.

That's fine. I love S&W, and The M&P is still a valid option for me, along with the Stags and the WW. I'm sure I'll pick between 1 of those 3, and any of them will do exactly what I want. Be an excellent range toy, and probably even more. Just surprised the WW hasn't broken more barriers yet. The fit and finish seem exceptional, and range reports are positive, and I love the company backstory. I'm just afraid if I decide to resell, the WW will be hard to unload. The M&P must be a hell of a gun. Gonna give it an extra long look to ensure I don't unjustly write it off.

Having fun hunting. Great thread. Thanks!
It's likely that WW is on its way to being a respected if not highly reguarded brand. I have yet to see a negative comment from a single WW owner. We even have a few proud owners here on the site. It's just that they don't have a lot of feedback as of yet. If I liked the features and the price, I wouldn't mind taking a shot with them.

Out of curiousity, what was Walmart charging for the WW?
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