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I guess what CF is really going for here, is there a system, set of apps that makes automating the S3 really easy for his conversion, should he go with that? He lives life on the road at times for business and is graphic intensive for pics and vids and needs to stay organized. Running thru airports and all that entails, tickets, finding restaurants, meeting locations, things associated with travel. I'm sensing the addressbook/contacts issue needs to be well managed and intuitive, these are the things that can go off the rails and make life hell if they don't work well. How does he approach this?

Are there any "killer apps" that make it all come together?

How about Evernote sync? "Cloud" features?

I'm 27 months into my phone and could either switch to one or the other or keep my blackberry, I'm not in a rush but following with interest cause I see use for all 3 platforms, all have their strengths and weaknesses.
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