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Once you are locked into an ecosystem it is hard to get out. I've been an iPhone guy since the first one. Then when I broke my 4 back in April, I decided to give the Galaxy Nexus a try. Since all my calendars/email/contacts were already in Google it wasn't too bad. However, when iPhone5 came out I decided to order one after all.

While the maps on IP5 aren't as nice as google maps, the "fiasco" is way overblown IMO.

I've been using various GPS apps for years, so I instantly recognized where the flawed set of maps I was looking at came from. TomTom! I've submitted the same "correction" to TomTom for two mapping errors in my neighborhood half a dozen times, now the same damned maps appear on my new phone! Argh!

That being said, they aren't that bad. At least in CLE, the navigation has been spot on. One tip I can give for anyone is to use the street address rather than the POI name if you want better results, or at least endpoints closer to the actual destination.
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