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We use WatchGuard and I have to say that I like them overall. We use the DV-1 system since the new 4RE are a bit on the expensive. The video is good, camera automatically switches from day to night view, audio quality is good and so is body mic range, and you can also record both cameras at the same time. The nicest thing IMHO is the fact that you can never really run out of tape since it has a hard drive and a DVD drive. It is constantly recording to the hard drive in the background and then starts writing to the DVD drive once you hit the lights. If you miss something, you can always use their Record After the Fact feature and retrieve any video that was recorded in the background. I would say that we usually can go back about a month or so with this feature.

I know that they do trial periods for departments and they will also sell you refurbished units at a discount price. Customer service is great with them. The few times that we have had problems with the system a quick call to them was all it took and they sent out replacement parts or a replacement unit within a day or two.

I would at least give them a call and get some prices on new and refurbished units.
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