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Start small and pass the MSF.

It doesn't matter if her feet can touch the ground, how loud the pipes are, how much the bike weighs, how much chrome is on the engine, ect...

What matters is the first time some one cuts her off in traffic or she gooses the throttle coming up to an intersection. Bigger bikes are going to be less tolerant of beginner mistakes. That rebel 250 may not be able to handle highway speeds (it tops out at 75-80) but if she freezes or freaks out, she's not going to be straddling a rocket ship.

1)Good training with practice after the course is over. The MSF gives you a ground level to build off of. They teach you the basics, the basics need to be practiced.

2)Good gear that you actually researched (not all gear is the same)

3)A well maintained bike that she can handle (both physically and mentally.)

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