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So I went to buy a Galaxy S3 today

.......and came home empty handed.

I have 2 more weeks until my iP5 arrives and I'm getting impatient. So I figured I'd try out the S3 for a couple weeks and if I like it I would cancel the iphone order. The whole map fiasco had me worried too.

A bit confusing. Nothing seemed simple. Are there hidden buttons on the bottom corners? Accidental swipes or gestures? Something kept taking me to a different screen and it was problematic getting back where I was.

Too big to operate comfortably with one hand......kept having to adjust it in my hand.....slightly but still. For my needs the width of iphone is right. It seemed to beg for 2 handed operation. Even the sales chick was demoing it with 2 hands.

Google searches seem to suggest that importing video to a mac is challenging. Can anyone confirm?

All my contacts and calendars are in icloud. So, I have to find how to get them into google's servers.

Then I walked over to the iP5. Felt familiar in my hand. As fast as the S3. Simple to navigate. Beautiful display. Light. Its what I have now in iP4 but better.

Right now I just plug in, or not, and everything is updated and where it should be. Photos and video move right in. If I have a problem I call Apple. It appeared from Google searches that if I have a problem with the S3 and my mac I might need to involve apple, google and Samsung. I can imagine there would be finger pointing and I saw some suggestions out there that no one of these companies seemed particularly interested in addressing some of the compatibility problems.

Seems like a fair amount of work around to make it work seamlessly with a mac.

This is not to knock on the S3. We've had enough of those threads. I was wondering if my impressions were shared by others and thought that some might be interested in why iphone users are happily buying up a phone that many say lacks innovation. In short, it does what I want but does it better and I like my ecosystem.

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