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Originally Posted by kat1950 View Post
Another moocher, and supporter of a truly incompetent person who has spent 6 Trillion dollars and running this country into the ground.

By the way what I need is to convince more companies in my area to rid themselves of these people, they support raising our taxes and implement regulations that are seriously detrimental to business that would create great hardship on me and my family, so I feel they should undergo that same hardship.

The President is for redistribution of wealth, so I feel it is only right to show the consequences of such action.
You should feel shame if anything you posted is true.

To fire an employee because he or she disagrees with your politics is not only wrong, it is downright hateful.

To send an employee home jobless, to tell their family that they were terminated based on nothing more than their politics shows a complete lack of morals on your behalf.

As I said, if what you say is true, you are a truly awful American.

My guess is you're full of it. But, if you're not, Karma is a cruel mistress.
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