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Originally Posted by kat1950 View Post
I fired 12 people in 2008 that voted for Obama, I took a vote of my other people, they voted to get rid of them. I did explain to them that people do not get paid by poor people and good luck in finding another job, and also when they go home to explain to their families they would have to look to Obama for work, food, etc.

Now we only hire registered republican voters, we also got together with 22 other business in our area that also fired their Obama voters, in total we sent 67 liberal moochers on their way.
Wow. This thread is still going. No for long now, I fear.

Listen, I'm a conservative blue collar guy. I'm voting for Romney.

But if you did these things, you sir are a top shelf d-bag.

You can someone for their political beliefs? What next? Religion? Skin color?

You're not a conservative. You're a dictator. Doing illegal things, btw. If I could find the people you fired, I'd be sure to forward this thread to them so they could get you ass locked up.

Conservative my ass….
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