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<==== 10 year Army veteran, Combat Arms, Two combat tours in a Cavalry Regiment. Been shooting rifle for 37 years competitively an have a state service rifle championship on my resume and a couple of regional championships. In high school I shot .22 matches for three years and placed third in the state my senior year. Shot registered skeet and sporting clays on an Army Team and in civilian matches. Have carried a 1911, M16A1, M9 and a HK 9mm MP5 for protection. That's my shooting resume.

I've taken civilian pistol, shotgun and just recently carbine courses. You don't go to those classes to learn the basics of safe gun handling and basic operation. You go to those classes to learn shooting form and techniques. How to run the gun FAST and ACCURATELY. How to clear malfunctions quickly. How to transition to pistol in the middle of a fight. How to manage the trigger. How to manage the recoil. You go to get GOOD with the thing. And trust me...there's ALWAYS someone who knows more than you and can teach you something about shooting. ALWAYS...

I've been shooting M16s and AR's since around 1980. I've proably built a dozen oor 15 from parts for myself and other folks. Last weekend I went to a Vickers Carbine course and learned just how much I really don't know about running an AR.

You don't know what you don't know. Think you know how to run an AR. Go to a course and show em how its done. If you are that good they will take your shooting to the next level.
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