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Originally Posted by dabigguns357 View Post
Sounds like money well spent.

We don't have a lot of deallers around here and the one we went by wasn't terribly helpfull as all they had was high end dirtbikes and road kings,and no used ones.

I guess the season is kinda gone for the used ones,thats ok we still need safety courses and the spring time.
Unfortunately, that is all to common. It seems like motorcycle dealerships are more than willing to sell the big heavy cruisers and sport bikes to brand new riders who obviously can't handle them.

On the flip side, I have seen (rarely) a salesman try and talk someone out of a certain bike and the person is adamant and won't accept the advice of the dealer.

If you know someone that is knowledgeable about bikes, I would check craigslist and have your friend go with you to look at them.
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