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Originally Posted by janice6 View Post
I believe it's ludicrous to say a pistol is only necessary in certain situations and with certain people.

If someone were to point out the specific situations and persons, that will threaten my life, I would certainly carry in those situations. However, no one being gifted, and knowing by whom and when, your life may end, means you have to simply be prepared always.

I carry at family events. Not because family is a problem, but because I cannot predict who else may decide to join us. My family has my back, and I trust them to be carrying also. We care for each other.

It has already been stated that criminals are taking advantage of a situation and a perceived weakness in an individual or situation. I consider situations where it doesn't seem threatening, to be ideal places for bad to happen.

Predators don't want a fair fight; they want you incapacitated either by pre-occupation or by force. I don't give them the chance. When you have the least reason to worry; worry, and be vigilant.

If you are going to "die", go on your terms not some thugs.
I'm satisfied that you and Gallium are sincere in your carry philosophy, but you two are on the opposite end of the spectrum from me (always prepared on one end vs. selectively prepared on the other).

As I recall j6, you have had some dangerous personal circumstances to cope with which helped shape your perspective on the need to carry. That's how life works; our experiences and observations are cues that condition how we respond to our surroundings. Carrying is a defense mechanism.

You might say I've led a charmed life because I have never been confronted with a personal threat. My record spans 70+ years, so I've cruised for a long time without incident. I was raised in a small, safe, community surrounded by friends and neighbors who behaved themselves. I worked 40 years in a professional environment where excessive booze, drugs and violence were not part of the scene.

Yes, I read about assaults and home invasions in the newspapers. I'm aware of robberies and random shootings. These events generally happen at times and at places that don't match my life pattern.

My primary concerns are about strokes, heart attacks and auto accidents, so I take care of myself and drive defensively; my vehicle is a large SUV; I'm served by a cardiologist, a urologist, and an internal medicine specialist. The risk of these threats, for me, has far, far greater probability than an attack requiring self defense measures.

My philosophy isn't better or smarter, just different. I don't think one philosophy is necessarily superior to another; a cookie cutter just doesn't work for self defense. In my opinion, one's philosophy should be based on a thoughtful analysis of risks and priorities. In my case, good health and safety on the road top the priority list.
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