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We shoot our duty ammo that is in our magazines and our weapon when we qualify. We do this to avoid bullet set back. There is a chart in our range with 5 bullets in the casing, and a number under it. The number indicates how many times the bullet has been chambered. As the number goes up, the bullet is pushed further down into the casing. I will try to get a picture of it to show you. We qualify twice a year. I never re-chamber the same round twice. When I unload my duty weapon, I move that round down to the bottom of the magazine. I don't unload my duty weapon often, but that's what I do when I do unload it. I also rotate my magazines. Call me crazy... I guess.

Your ammo should be fine, as long as the same rounds did not keep getting re-chambered. When you re-chamber a round, the ramp pushes the bullet back into the casing, after a certain amount of times, it will push it back so far, that the round is unusable. Neighboring departments have a barrel in their locker room . You point your weapon at a pile of old body armor, un-chamber, and leave the round in the barrel. You should definitely speak to your department about getting an extra box of duty ammo for this reason. They issue you it, they should pay for it.

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