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Setback on .40

OK, I'm an Aux. Deputy and have never fired my duty weapon on duty. Years ago, when I started on the force, we fired and re-qualed with the prior years duty rounds and now we use fresh target rounds. I've read a lot here about bullet setback and the related hazards of rechambering a round repeatedly. Well I'm now in year 3 of carrying the same duty rounds and even with due diligence of rotating rounds in the mags I think that by now I've gone through at least one rotation on every cartridge. Anyone ever check their rounds for setback? Anyone know what the minimum O/A length should be? I'd like to check my rounds and see if I've exceeded the safe minimum. Hell, I'm about ready to chuck the whole 100 rounds (G22 & G27) and just purchase new on my own dime. It would be nice to at least fire them off for target use provided that they are safe to fire.
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