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We just switched to the Panasonic Arbitrator 360 Systems. They are amazingly clear. They automatically switch over to night vision, and download automatically when you're within 100 yards (? ) or so of HQ. They can be accessed through username and password from the computers inside HQ. You're also logged on to the system, from your in car computer, which helps review the stop, or incident. The mics are clear too even with traffic flying by at 60 + mph on a highway. I've had my body mic off a couple of times on MV stops, and the in car microphone has picked up everything. Amazing system. I couldn't tell you the price off hand. We used to have the Mobile Vision system. They recorded to VHS tapes. They weren't bad either, the problem is, no one had VCR's anymore. haha If you're going to get a camera system for the car, I would strongly suggest the Panasonic Arbitrator 360 system. Every PD in my area that has cameras, uses them.

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