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Man files suit over arrest in Gwinnett park, Part Deux

After being deposed by attorney John R. Monroe, the attorneys for Plaza Security's employee Paul Reid Hanna tendered a monetary offer to release their client from the civil suit. Said offer was accepted with the proviso of a $100 penalty should the details be released to third-parties without permission.
The 42 U.S.C. 1983 civil lawsuit naming Officers Adam Garth Bell and Rodney Dantzler proceeds apace.

I guess I don't have much excuse now not to get some needed plumbing work down, get the car fixed, that nice, new FNH SCAR (nor sure SCAR H or L, hmmm) and maybe even a new pair of police socks.

Why was the detention made in the first place?
Originally Posted by Gwinnett County Officer Adam Garth Bell
Im detaining you for having a weapon. Do you have any weapons on you. Besides your gun?
I wonder if that might come back to bite him?

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