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Originally Posted by Trey83 View Post
I haven't taken one. Nor have I handled my rifles in a manner that have put anybody in danger. It appears to me, you think that I'm saying their is nothing to be had by taking a class. I've said nothing of the sort. I'm sure there is a ton of good info from any reputable class.

The OP asked for opinions between two rifles and you implied not to consider purchasing either without accounting for the cost of ammo, mags and a course. Maybe I missed your point all together. If he had a strict budget of $1000 would you recommend a Colt or a lower quality rifle and a course?
If you haven't experienced one how can you comment on it?

I have people tell me all the time that they've been shooting all their life and are very safe. Five minutes later their finger is all over the trigger and the muzzle is every which direction. Some of these people have been downright rude when I have them sign safety waivers. My point is we think a lot of things are that aren't

I implied nothing. I simply stated that the purchase was just the beginning
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