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Originally Posted by WiskyT View Post
Once in a blue moon I come across someone who doesn't seem to have a dominant eye. I give the test repeatedly and try different versions of it and it's like flipping a coin, they go to either eye almost equally. Or, sometimes it seems to change on different days.
I knew a guy like that in the Marines. They taught him to shoot right handed then he later learned to shoot left. He could switch right to left with no problem on any firearm.

BTW I am right handed, left eye dominant. I have been a hunter education instructor, BSA and NRA firearms instructor. One of the biggest headaches I deal with are kids who are all screwed up by being forced to shoot reverse dominant.

Teach them to shoot with the dominant eye and in time they could learn to shoot both ways.

That said many shooters shoot different platforms differently after they gain a good level of proficiency. I shoot rifles and shotguns both ways. Rifles slightly better left handed and shotguns slightly better right handed. Hand guns I shoot cross dominant. Right handed, left eyed. I still qualified expert in the Marines.
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