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Originally Posted by ak103k View Post
I guess you missed the part where moving targets, and surprise/reactive type targets arent, and really never have been an issue.

I understand what youre saying here, but in this case, it hasnt been the issue your eluding to.

Im not sure what youre trying to say here.

I only have one son with the issue, by the way, and I havent seen any problems in the way he shoots that would cause him trouble in a stressful, or reactionary type situation (assuming thats where you were going with this). Hes shot this way his whole life now (hes in his late 20's), and it isnt like he just learned how to deal with it. Its completely natural to him now.

Hey, Im not saying your way is wrong, Im just saying what youre trying to say isnt necessarily right, or at least for all people. Ive seen what you say cant work, work perfectly, so I know it does in fact work, and I know there are others who teach this way as well, as its why I went with this method in the first place. If you dont agree with it, fine, dont do it. Do what you think is best. Just dont assume that others cant do what you say they shouldnt be able to, just because thats what you think.
Polite disagreement is rare on this board, most boards actually. I'll award you the credit for this one
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