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Originally Posted by bdcochran View Post

…3. Understand that a knife is a tool. No one tool is versatile to handle all demands.

…7. Obtain a decent sharpening system and know how to use it. Heck, I went to college. But I cannot maintain a 30 or 40 degree angle on a free sharpening stone. However, I can move a knife up and down vertically on stones that are properly angled, so I chose the Spyderco system.

…12. Think about whether you want to have a folder and/or leatherman in each knock about jacket, pack.
Well said. There’s nothing in your post that I’d disagree with, but these are so crucial as to be worth repeating over & over. Or maybe they’re just my personal hobby-horse soapbox points.

No one single tool is “the answer”. About the time we decide on the “perfect” crowbar, we need a scalpel.

On sharpening, my sharpening weakness is a plain old stone. I can get a knife sharp with one, but I can’t get a knife sharp with one, as fast as I should be able to. Give me my eze-lap and I’m hitting extremely-sharp in no time. Give me a mousepad and some sandpapers down to 6000 grit, and we’re hitting oy-vey-sharp pretty quick. But a flat stone, it takes me longer than it should; a failing of mine, but a minor failing as I keep eze-laps all over the place. (One of those “a man’s got to know his limitations” kind of thing.)

Major +1 also on just having pocket knives or multitools in jacket pockets, glove compartments, briefcase pockets, etc. Like a flashlight or lighter, it’s one of those things that it’s hard to genuinely have ‘too many’ distributed around.
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