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Well it's been a good while since I started this thread, but I figured I'd post an update. Today I ran the 155xtp behind 9.7 grains of Blue Dot (book stated 1150fps), and this is the most accurate load I have fired out of my Glock 23 (gen4) period. It was so accurate that I think that I just may make this my carry load. The recoil was quick, but light and controllable. I'm extremely impressed with the Blue Dot an this bullet, and hopefully accuracy stays the same or improves when I step the charge up a little for a little more oomph for carry.

I've always been a fan of the 165gr & 180gr in the 40S&W, but the light recoil of the 155gr XTP mixed with the excellent accuracy have got me sold on this bullet. What's not to like? Excellent accuracy, high velocity, and deep penetration.

Gen4 G23
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