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HK45 Grip Circumference

I'm about to commit blasphemy and sell my HK45C. Not because the pistol is in any way bad, or an underperformer, but simply because I have remarkably short fingers - fingers an eight year-old girl would laugh at - and, while the SA trigger reach on it's easy enough to manage, the DA isn't. Even with the SA, there's something about the grip geometry that eats the top of my strong side thumb. Gun just doesn't fit me.

That said, the P30 feels like a dream. I never thought I'd find a more comfortable gun for my uniquely unfortunate hand/finger size than a 1911, but it turns out the P30, if not actually exceeding it, at least equals it. Since the full-size HK45 has essentially the same grip, just larger, I'm wondering if some kind soul could tell me how much larger it is compared to, say, a P30 and a 1911? I'd go fondle one, but nobody around here has them in stock.

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