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Originally Posted by SouthernBoyVA View Post
I bought an LWD 3.5 connector several years ago and didn't care for it. The little protruding tang (tab??) which rides on the cammed portion of the slide was too pronounced and created a very noticeable resistance to racking the slide. All of my Glocks which have non-stock connectors have the Glock 3.5 unit (part #00135) purchased from
I've thought of filing down that little tang in order to have a better slide rack. I instead tossed it in the trash and bought OEM "-" connectors for all my Glocks.

I figured all after market connectors were like the Lonewolf with lousy slide racking. Maybe I'm wrong on that one. I hope the Lonewolf Extractor I just ordered isn't as poorly executed as their connector.
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