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Thanks for all the great responses! This is exactly what I was looking for.I'm new to CCW and am just reaching out for info before I start to get myprospective and expectations of carrying with kids. I enjoy Jeeps and the Jeepcommunity is awesome when you reach out. People are more than willing to share.As I make firearms a larger part of my life I'm already seeing it happen in thefirearm community. I really appreciate all the responses. I’ll be stickingaround GT for sure! As soon as time permits I would like to get involved withIDPA solely for personal education and firearm handling proficiencies…and itseems like fun with great people. Again,thanks and if there are more out that that want to comment on the topic I’dlove to hear more. I like to collectinfo prior to jumping in feet first when it comes to important and newdecisions.
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