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Originally Posted by Stevekozak View Post
Do you fall down a lot? I am not being sarcastic, I am genuinely curious why you felt that falling down and becoming unconscious was a more likely scenario than needing the gun for SD. I had never thought about that before, but I guess if you had a medical conditon that affected your balance or some such, that might be a valid concern.
Steve -

I see this as very hard to calculate and compare. That said, I agree with you that the summed up odds of an accident that knocks him out and the toddler getting to his pistol and hurting himself would be far less than the summed odds of a robbery that hurts/kills the OP or kills his son.

blk88 -

the short of it is that a trained and armed daddy who is prepared to protect his son from a crack-whacked mugger is more safe than the associated risk of the kid getting hurt with your gun.

And what about a home invasion robbery? A meth-head is a risk to your child and your wife and you. (Growing up without a mom and pop is not good for him either.) You will need one of those small secure-but-quick-access pistol containers that have been mentioned, of course.

You've been thinking this out, and that is an indication that you will keep to securing your gun like white on rice.

Just my opinion for you to consider in your decision. Good luck, and may you never have cause to fire your gun for defense!
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