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Some people never cease to amaze me. For one thing I do not believe any poll, you can fabricate numbers to say anything you want them too. I trust the media even less, I would not believe them if they said the sun would rise tomorrow.
Romney was not my first choice as a nominee, but he is the one running against the sitting Prez., and yes I think he can win.
I vote for the candidate who can help save my country, the
sitting Prez. is not that person.
The media and others have folks chasing their tails, who's for the rich, who's the best dad, who gives the most to charity, blah! blah! blah!. I don't give a rat's behind, I care who can restore and save America, and that's not the sitting Prez.. He's had his chance and he royally messed it up. It's not Bush's fault and you can't have another try or do over.

You have four choices, vote for the sitting Prez. and get more of the same, vote for a third party like Rosanne Barr, don't vote at all, or vote Republican and hope for some real change.
One major thing that has made me think that Romney will win is, if O looses, all the sewer trash that's in his administration get's washed away with him and some competent people get
appointed in a new administration, and we can start the
healing process to make the U.S. strong again.

I am not a registered Republican. In the past I have voted Democrat, Independent, and Republican.
I'm not so much voting for Romney, but trying to vote out
the bunch of misfit's who have screwed up my country so bad. I hope there are a lot Americans who feel the same way that I do.
A thousand mile walk starts with the first step, and a million
vote margin starts with just one vote.
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