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Originally Posted by PhotoFeller View Post
I understand your point of view, and don't quarrel with it. I just don't allow the fear (concern, possibility, or whatever one might call the probability of attack) to burden my daily outlook on life, unless I plan to be in unfamiliar surroundings.

My family has been raised and moved on. I usually travel solo, even doing day-to-day errands. I live and travel in a very low crime area. Our friends, family and colleagues are stable, predictable and reliable; none of these folks carry, as far as I know. Thus, I believe my chance of being attacked is too low to warrant concern; if something terrible goes down because I'm not prepared, my bad.

I'm not being cavalier. In my case, I believe my behavior is perfectly realistic.

And I too take no umbrage with your perspective. In life, everything works (theories, a hypothesis, laws) until they don't work. I too work under the theory that by not going to stupid places, and not doing stupid things, and not hanging out with stupid people, I have mitigated my risk of running into society's scourge.

My gun is for when my theory stops working.
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