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It will be close but Romney has a better chance than the polls would indicate. I base this on the fact that Obama won by 53 to 47 percent in 2008. I don't believe that anyone who didn't vote for Obama in 2008 will vote for him in 2012. On the other hand, there are many disappointed people who may not vote for him this time and I don't think he'll have the same level of turn-out from young voters and some minorities that he had in 2008. So, the margin will be much closer this time. Most of the current polls are based on the 2008 turn-out numbers which favored Democrats. Democrats are over-sampled in these polls, skewing the numbers. Of course, the liberal left-leaning media is only too happy to report this as an Obama lead. Speaking of the media, I also predict that regardless of the result of the debates, the media will portray Obama as the debate winner.
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