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I have a Cabela's vibratory one I bought in 2009 that has lasted well. I've tumbled an easy 50,000 cases, it's still going strong. Easy, no mess. Definitely gets the cases clean.

No way would I wanna mess with a liquid media, gotta drain it, dry the brass.... believe me, a vibratory one with corncob or crushed walnut gets the brass sufficiently clean and shiny with less muss/fuss. And is cheaper. I think I paid $50 for mine as a kit (tumbler, media, polish) from Cabelas.

Right this second, the have the tumbler plus the kit, for the same price as just the tumbler:
It's a $15 savings.

(tumbler alone).

EDIT! For some reason, that first link (although different, see the number at the end) is taking me to the same place as the second link. But if you look around... they have the kit for the same price. One box of media and some polish too.
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