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Originally Posted by plouffedaddy View Post
I do. Aippi's point is valid but as I said, all light positions have some negative features. For instance, when I had it on the rail it was further to the left of the bore making it more likely that I would illuminate myself coming around a corner. Put it on the bottom ala the Surefire forend and you may have to get more of your mag tube/barrel out front of cover/concealment, put it on the right side and there's a new world of issues for a right handed shooter. They're all compromises and have pros and cons....

But, the front sight really lights up the way it is now which is something I honestly didn't plan but was a pleasant surprise when I started doing some lowlight shooting.
Thanks for the feedback. I'm one of those wrong handed shooters so mine would go on the right, but I really like the idea of the slight illumination of the front sight. I had a Surefire and that thing was more of a hinderance than a help. There was the whole exposure thing you mentioned, sling interference, in the way when using a support, .........etc.

One more question, which offset mount is that you're using?
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