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Originally Posted by devildog2067 View Post
Define "they."

Whether an employer is liable for the criminal actions of his or her employee depend very much on the details of the act. I don't know enough about this particular act to know whether or not the dealership should be made to pay.

More to the point, unless someone in this thread is privy to details that the rest of us are not, neither is anyone else.
The police said that a manager of the company told them that the customer stole the car, and the cop the manager was talking to informed the manager that the police would try to arrest the customer.

The employees were conducting the business of the employer and one or more of the employees were in management positions. In conducting the business, specifically trying to recover money, they committed a civil wrong against the customer. These are not contested facts.

The law is not murky in this situation. The employer is responsible for what its employees did.

Why else would the company president be kissing butt and playing make-nice?
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