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Originally Posted by CA Escapee View Post
I agree. I thought the officer's probable cause was shakey in the first place. The officer really made the stop based on what another (phantom) motorist said, but he didn't observe the alleged violation?


Probable cause is the level of "proof" that is necessary for a custody arrest. Reasonable suspicion is generally closer to the level that needs to be articulated for the police to stop and make an inquiry. Several have already suggested that a complaint of bad driving may reasonably justify an investigative stop. My guess is that the nature of the complaint may help or hurt that justification. A simple complaint of a motorcycle speeding might be insufficient; however a complaint of a motorcycle speeding on a specific roadway in a specific direction along with a description of the bike and rider along with an estimated speed is probably adequate to justify some investigation, especially if the driving approaches a level that might be criminal or could be suspicious beyond a simple traffic violation.
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