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Originally Posted by devildog2067 View Post

And the truth comes out. Doesn't matter who's wrong, just matters who has money.

And much of that money is made in a way that FORCED you to leave that line of work, because you couldn't stand the lying (your words).

The facts that we know are already outlined in this thread,

- dude buys car
- someone from dealer reports the car stolen
- dude gets arrested on false charge

I tell you, if you were in that dude's shoes, and your livelihood was at stake, not only would the note of the song you sing would be different, but you'd be singing a completely different song.

I would be completely INCENSED if some asshat at a dealership caused my arrest, booking, fingerprinting etc over something like this. Really, I would have started out at a figure 4-5x higher.

In the final analysis, we have a system for dealing with issues like this. The dealership, or someone in their employ went outside the clearly defined lines of what is permissible to sustain/maintain a profit. They were the ones (if it was one dude, a collusion or the entire dealership it does not matter) who opened a can of whoop ass.

The dude, having suffered damages, is now using the framework of the system EXACTLY as is allowed by law to exact justice. I cannot comprehend how you fail to connect those dots.

If he had, on release from jail torched the car and then torched a few more cars at the dealership and the paint balled a few other cars...and then try to sue, I would be singing a different song.

My conclusion is, you are allowing your your "dealership" bias to over-ride that portion of your brain that deals with logic. (and I don't of course mean to be insulting in any way - we all have our biases.)
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