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All systems go ?

Mornin all,it's 5:02 AM and yes,brain semi-alive and well,self-check,systems seem normal,for me anyhow! Wow,I can't wait to get home to rest.
Some may think that a hospital is a good place to rest,WRONG!
every 4 hours something or some one is poking ,proding ,pinching
always something! That's a normal day,then you have your abby-normal days when the doc comes by . This look they have,
like even they are wandering ,Hmmm? Just Hmmm? I do not understand Hmm? What are you saying ? same answer always!
We shall see or time will tell. .........? I some how feel better when they don't come! Seems to me even they are amazed
that I'm still here! Just Hmm?
Enough of me ,how are all of you doin? Well I hope!
Had a dream about "road-kill" ,Thanks Tous !
Frozen "road-kill",thanks Pes!

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