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I have carried everyday since my 7yr old was in the womb.

I am also a full time dad, so lots of baby-daddy time.

I have pocket carried my Kahr MK9 lots of times with my AHolster pocket holster.

Excellent Kydex pocket carry.

I also use a CBST for my G26, K9 and MK9. Each has it's place in the rotation.

My kid is also curious about stuff. At 2 she would complaint about my holster digging into her side, I just made a habit of keeping her on my non-gun side. Pocket carry was an issue for a bit, (she loves to sit in my lap) so I went to IWB 90%.

I have three safes in the house. Guns are always locked up or on me. She used to be really curious about what was in the safe, and why I put "stuff" in my belt every morning. I let her look at a non-functioning airsoft M9. Excellent reproduction gun. I explained firearm safety and to never touch a gun unless I am the one showing it to her. Also if she sees a gun tell me and never touch it, unless I say so. (Mom is not gun proficient, so it is my call) She shoots archery now, BB guns are ready to go if she gets tired of the bow. Very safe, always.

When she was really little she would try and look in my pocket or at my belt/IWB rig. A sharp NO did not suffice, so a quick flick on the forehead and a sharper NO did. She asks now before she reaches for anything in my pockets.
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