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Originally Posted by G29Reload View Post
There's nothing restrictive about showing ID when voting,
I did quite a bit of research about this, because I sincerely hoped there was a reason for this decision.

The legal test (and I'm not a lawyer/expert, so anyone who knows better than I feel free to correct me) has two parts: a) does the law solve a real problem and b) does the law apply unequally to different groups. From what I could tell, voter ID laws fail both parts. A number of studies (done by groups sponsored by both parties) seem to have shown that voter fraud is a statistically insignificant problem, and poor/elderly/young people are less likely to have government ID than other people.

If I understand correctly, if voter fraud was a serious enough problem, the compelling interest of a) could override b), but no one has yet to prove that a) is a serious (statistically speaking) problem. There have only been a handful of cases of voter fraud prosecuted across the country since 2000.
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