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Originally Posted by devildog2067 View Post
Sarah Palin almost made me vote for Obama in 2008. How anyone could think she was a "good" thing is beyond me.
Then a lot of other things are beyond you too.

She was my bet for President. She was better than her running mate.

Unless you're already a lieberal, how could you not want her? She had more executive experience than Obama, had approval ratings in the high 90's, honchoed a natural gas pipeline, cut back her state's debt, ran and acted like a fiscal conservative. Her creds were impeccable.

I have yet to hear anyone utter exactly what was so wrong with her. The only thing I ever heard was a bunch of catty tards who seemed to hate her cause she was beautiful.

The sound of her voice became a little grating after the newness wore off, but that's not a reason to dislike her. She's also turned out to be right about a lot of other things in the intervening period. She's sure got more smarts than Zero, though thats not saying much.
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