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Originally Posted by Trapped_in_Kali View Post
Well IMHO the employee who reported this to the LEOs must have had the authority to make a police report regarding theft of company property.
What makes you think that?

Would the police have taken the report from just any salesman with out data from the manager?
I don't know. It depends on the cop that answered the phone and how convincing whomever called in the theft report was, I suppose.

The "theft" report was of company owned property made (I'm assuming) by someone given the authority to file police reports in the companies name for the company.
You know what they say about assuming.

All I'm doing is choosing not to assume. Why should I? Why not just wait to form an opinion until I have more facts? None of us trust the media in general, so why trust them in this case?

If the management team at the dealership sat down and had a meeting and decided this was the best way to deal with the situation, then sure, the dealership should definitely be liable.

But what if (and I'm making this up) a salesman realized he'd made a mistake after the customer re-signed, and came up with this harebrained scheme on his own? What if he pretended to be a sales manager when he called the cops, trying to cover his own ass and fix his mistake? What if he did that from his personal cell phone, even? What if he lied to management about it and they not only weren't aware of this, but would have stopped it if they had known? How does it make sense for the dealership to be liable then?

We don't know what happened. We only know a few of the details. All I'm saying is, why jump to conclusions?

You may think it is no big deal the have an arrest for felony GTA on your record but some people do.
Where did I say it was "no big deal"? I neither said nor implied that anywhere in this thread.
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