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Originally Posted by verrot View Post
I picked one up used on AR15,,, and one local used on Craigs List. I usually surf Backpage pretty regularly as well,, and I've seen one come across there once in a while. Can't beat the deals on LNIB used RMR's. AR15 is the place they come up most frequently from what I've seen.

The Fast Fire is a great little sight,,, just more bang for the buck with the RMR IMO. The FF also seems to eat batteries as well. I just installed my third battery in my FF 2. I've been to the range with it about 7 times,,, about an hour a session with the sight on the entire time. The first one went so fast I thought I must have left it on,,, the second went just as fast, and I know without a doubt that I've not left it on,,, been payin real close attention since the first battery went bye bye.

My FF2 is a 3.5MOA. WAY too small IMO. I have a 7MOA RMR and a 7 MOA Insight that looks more like a 9MOA. I would stick with a 7 - 9 for anything inside of 25 yards,,, and that pretty much falls in line with everything I've read on the dot size on a pistol sight.

Hope that helps.
Really, just like on rifles I much prefer a small moa dot. If I want it bigger, I crank the brightness till it blooms. Thats why I chose the rm06 rmr for my milled slide. Having a bigger dot covers too much of my target when aiming at smaller thing further out. Just my preference, I know I'm on the minority on this.

That being said, I think I'm going to sell my Gen 4 OEM G23 TSD milled slide and RMR combo. I still prefer shooting irons even though I shoot faster and more accurately with the rmr.
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