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Originally Posted by blk88 View Post
So I just received my CCW permit and I'm eager to carry and take defensive pistol classes. Mine and my wife's concern is our 2 year old son. He's very curious and if he feels things in my pocket he's digging for it. The thing is that he's the reason I feel I want to carry. I never want to be in a position to where I can't protect my family. I've started to see the world in a different light due recent events and my love for my family. I realize that there are bad people in the world and the can surface any where at any time. I want to carry concealed, but worry about my son being curious and is too young to understand. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
If I'm reading this right it sounds like you might be asking how to carry and keep a firearm without your son geting a hold of it.

I guess one consideration I'd have is to put it in an electronic lock box at home when you walk in the door. That way it would be locked up, yet you and your wife could get to it if need be.

You mentioned that your son likes to fish around in your pockets. I certainly wouldn't pocket carry without a holster. If you carry IWB or OWB carry the pistol on one side and your son on the other if need be. Maybe, even with a thumb snap retention holster.

Your dilemma reminds me of one of the lines Gallagher the comedian use to use. I'm paraphrasing him, but it went something like, "When your child is born you count all their fingers and toes in hopes they have all of them. When they turn two you wish they were born without arms or legs."

Good luck!


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